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The Hack to my Masks: Origins Maskimizer Mask Primer

The Hack to my Masks: Origins Maskimizer Mask Primer

The Origins Maskimizer* (PHP 1150 / 95ml) is touted as a 'mask primer.' It's meant to be used with all types of masks except peel-off masks and is supposed to improve the spreadability and rinsability of masks. It is scentless, fast-absorbing and watery.

origins maskimizer swatch

My first stumbling block was really the order. I'm so confused because unlike cleansing or moisturizing skincare elements, masks tend to be applied in random order. Some after cleansing, some after toner, still some after the last step of skincare. In my trials, I realized that the Maskimizer has varying levels of efficacy depending on the mask.

My Trials and Failures

I am extremely dry and my skin just vomits out hydration. I know people who go from normal skin to oily in two hours. Me? I get dry two hours after skincare. I only have glass skin approximately 120 minutes post-skincare and after that it's the dull and dreary life of this crusty skin, chapter 2.

While it sounds fishy, extremely dry skin doesn't absorb skincare well. I know dry cloth mops up spills in a hot flash, but it's not quite the same for skin. Skincare is applied topically, and it tends to settle on top of the dry, crusty layers. This, in turn, leaves the skincare exposed to the environment, thus evaporating faster.

Since I've experimented with using Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask and Dr Weil for Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relife Mask in different times, I've found the Maskimizer works fantastic as... a mask primer. But like a makeup primer, not everyone needs a mask primer. I found the effect pretty negligible for post-toner and post-routine masking. The masks were pretty easy to spread whether I had used the Maskimizer or not.

It was for post-cleansing or mid-day masking that the Maskimizer truly shone. My two Origins masks are not that pasty, so spreading wasn't really an issue. However, with the Maskimizer, I find the plumpness feels deeper and stays longer.

It was pretty easy to see the difference with the Drink Up Intensive hydrating mask. For the Mega Mushroom healing mask however, there are too many factors to consider with my skin's healing so it's quite difficult to keep track of the differences with-Maskimizer and without-Maskimizer.

Recommended Use:

I use the Origins Maskimizer as a prep for midday, midnight, or post-cleansing masking, when my skin is really dry. At these times, I've felt that putting Mega Mushroom Skin Relief or Drink Up Intensive on my bare skin didn't yield the same boosted results.

As a general rule though, I would still advise to try the Maskimizer for any kind of routine or masking. It may benefit you if your skincare is not hydrating enough or you don't do as many skincare steps as I do.

Personally, I would now like to start trying the Maskimizer with other masks such as sheet masks and wash off masks, which weren't considered in my trials so far! I wonder how it would fare with stinging masks such as Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask or Glamglow Tingling and Exfoliating Mask! But I am most excited to try the Maskimizer with sheet masks o_o The potential for plumpness is just C-R-A-Z-Y.

Final Thoughts:

The Maskimizer works great in quickly and lightly hydrating the surface of my skin. It sprays enough to moisturize, but the light and watery format isn't thick like a full-on moisturizer - I don't have to worry about diluting the mask with it. I can't believe how much mid-day masking has changed my life, and I think the whole trial wouldn't have been as eye-opening without the Maskimizer!

With all these (unproven) theories, I wonder if hydrating toner works the same way! Stay tuned for more skincare adventures~

origins maskimizer

Origins is available in SM Makati (0917 531 4592,) SM Megamall (0917 498 5300,) and SM MOA (0911 807 7513). Don't hesitate to schedule a FREE mini-facial because the Origins girls are all about walking their talk!


*I received this item as a gift from the brand.

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