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Origins' Cornucopia of Masks

Origins' Cornucopia of Masks

Masks are one of those seemingly-useless skincare steps. Falling outside of the standard cleanse-tone-moisturize basics, people seem to think masks are unnecessary marketing hypes.

To be fair, I don't mask everyday myself. I simply don't have the patience but I've personally observed that my skin is noticeably different when I stick to a daily masking routine. But this is me. I can observe the difference but I do recognize that it's probably just the same old thing to an outsider perspective. I think the best time to use masks is when you have troubled skin, and then see about doing it everyday if that quality of skin pleases you. As for me? I have troubled skin every day so fuck me gently with a chainsaw.

Backgrounder on Masks:

origins maskimizer, dr weil for origins mega-mushroom skin relief face mask, origins drink up intensive overnight mask

Before Koreans revolutionized the skincare scene with sheet masks; clay or cream masks were all that existed. Clay, wash-off and peel-off masks usually have some kind of cleansing, retexturing or detoxifying effect. These are usually done after the cleansing routine. When I was younger and whenever I would use any of the above masks, I used to just mask and do away with the whole cleansing routine, thinking that cleansing + masks would be too harsh on my skin. To that, I now know: If a mask feels too harsh when used on a clean face then it is probably not the right mask for youThis is because a mask can only deliver all its promised benefits on clean skin, and if you need oil and dirt to dilute the pain, then you're subjecting your skin to discomfort for lessened or nullified benefits. While some masks can be uncomfortable, too much pain is your skin's way of telling you that you may need a milder albeit more regular method of detoxifying your skin.

Sheet masks are usually done after toner, as their liquidy essences are best absorbed before anything heavier (such as lotions or creams) saturates your skin. These usually brighten and plumpen the skin. I personally apply sheet masks as the last step, because I cannot stand waiting 20 minutes in the middle of my skincare routine. I have heard of people doing the same to seal their skincare rather than boost it - I choose to believe that for convenience.

Sleeping masks are done last. These, like sheet masks, are not meant to be washed off and are left overnight. They pull the double duty of sealing in previous skincare layers and boosting benefits such as healing and hydration. As a person with dry skin, these are my favorite types as they keep my parched skin from vomiting out skincare hydration back into the environment while I sleep.

As specialized skincare products, I recommend finding samples of skincare masks. It's pretty tought to commit full-size if you're only using them for one concern, only to find you don't react well to them. Origins gives small sachets or sells trial packs of their own masks. Do check their counters in SM Makati, SM Megamall or SM MOA if any of the masks I'll be talking about below interests you!

Origins' Cornucopia of Masks

Origins surprisingly has all the mask types mentioned above. I was shocked myself to find that they have a sheet mask option. As an American brand, you would think they'd be ignoring the sheet masking revolution, but they haven't!

I've tried Origins Flower Fusion Sheet Masks (P 150 / pc) in an FB Live here (and attempted to do it in Korean, btw.) They have 6 variants: Jasmine for Softness, Violet for Nourishment, Orange for Radiance, Rose for Hydration, Lavender for Soothing, and Raspberry for Refreshing. The essences are very light yet hydrating, they made my skin plump but there was a stinging sensation when I used it.

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask (PHP 1500 / 100ml) is a charcoal, wash-off mask meant to clear pores. People swear by this, and some say it's great for drying out pimples. I have no personal experience, because acne isn't one of my concerns and this would not be a good match for my dry skin.

Origins Out of Trouble (PHP 1500 /  100ml) is a mattifying, wash-off mask. The way it is formulated reads like a dream come true for people whose skin reacts to stress with oil. With super-absorbent zinc oxide and sulfur plus calming camphor, it targets both conditions to calm the skin and normalize oil production.

origins original skin retexturizing mask with rose clay

Origins Original Skin Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay (PHP 1500 / 100ml) is a millenial pink wash-off clay mask with exfoliating bits. It's best for dull skin, where flakes are a major concern. I was heavily considering getting this, but considering that I have enough exfoliants, I was feeling more adventurous toward the hydrating or healing masks.

origins ginzing peel-off mask

Origins Ginzing Peel-Off Mask (PHP 1650 / 75ml) is a little bit more expensive, and less in quantity than the above 3. It's from the brand-making Ginzing line, and targets pores and dullness.

Finally, the last two masks are what I took home and can give real feedback on. Since I wanted to give really solid impressions, I strictly used each daily for a week, and have been reaching for them whenever I feel necessary:

Origins Mega Mushroom Skin Relief* (PHP 3250 / 100ml) is a healing, leave-on mask. While claims for this one were the most blanket and dubious, I was sold based on Mega Mushroom alone. When I went to the Flower Fusion Sheet Mask launch, I was able to take some sachets of Mega Mushroom lotion (toning water) to try and they were AMAZING. Truly the Mega Mushroom line seems to be so good in soothing and healing??? Reishi mushroom is the key ingredient, and while I find it hard to believe that something natural can be so hard-working, the proof is in the results and I am way sold on this line!

The Mega Mushroom mask was most handy for when my skin was breaking and cracking up, from being overexfoliated from acids to just plain stressed out. The extremes of environmental heat and constant air conditioning have certainly killed my skin somewhat. I also lathered it up after a trip to the beach, and it did help with the underlying heat that normally stays with my skin for a couple of days after. I'm convinced by this healing mask because my skin felt calmer and more resilient even after just the first use. From hereon out I'm kind of preserving it just for times when my skin is feeling "injured" or "stressed out." And like I said earlier, I have troubled skin almost everyday anyway, so basically, I need it daily. Semi-daily. #bargaining

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask* (PHP 2590 / 100ml) has been AMAZING for my constantly parched, thirsty, ho-ass skin. Its a hydrating sleeping mask, so it's perfect since I don't need to wash off or do anything extra.

In my one week continuous trial, I've left it on overnight and it has kept my skin supple 'til the morning, even after cleansing. With my regular skincare routine, the suppleness of the PM routine washes off with the AM wash. This hydrating mask adds to, and locks everything in, truly making my skin supple more consistently throughout my use, as opposed to hydration's 2 hour curfew on my skin. It's so effective that I'm addicted to it! I actually keep it on my work desk and use it alongside the Origins Maskimizer* (PHP 1150 / 95ml) in the middle of the day just to feel it again.

origins maskimizer, dr weil for origins mega-mushroom skin relief face mask, origins drink up intensive overnight mask

Masks are so good for problems that the basic skincare starter pack can't address. What problems would you target with masks? Do any of these interest you? Let me know!


*I received these items as a gift from the brand.

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