Iā€™m Kristel. I vlog. I blog. Professional makeup artist based in Manila. 300 hours training in Make Up For Ever Academy, Seoul, South Korea. I live makeup, you have no idea.

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Hello, welcome to BBT!

I'm Tellie and I live in Manila. I write exclusively about makeup! I have a bit of a hoarding impulse so if you are entertained by man's basic struggle with himself, clickity-click the sub buttons :D

I'm the Subscription Boxes Queen of the Philippines (self-proclaimed and incontestable.) I started this blog on December 2012 based on the very excitement that I could not contain upon learning of the joy that is subscription boxes. I did not sit on my ass and wait for my blog to grow so I could demand a free box; I just bought them all. BDJ, Glamourbox, Saladbox, Orangebox and Pretty Fix Collection: you name it, I got it! My search bar is your friend :)

But who wants to live in a box? I don't. I write to push the boundaries. I constantly challenge the limit of how much humor I can insert into a post without it losing its veracity. "Beauty Without The Brakes" is exactly my brand of writing. In this blog, you better believe what you see. A rave is a rave and a rant is a rant. End of story!


NC 25 on MAC
Dry skin (not sensitive)


All the details I mention are true-to-experience and I try to back up with photographic evidence as much as I can.

Please practice due diligence. Everyone has vastly different skin conditions and reactions and your experiences might not match mine. Whenever you try something new, always start with short-term samples or a patch test, whichever is applicable. If you have sensitivities or are taking medication which may not be used alongside certain chemicals, please consult your dermatologist and research ingredient listings.

All possible biases such as paid partnerships and samples-for-consideration will be disclosed at the bottom of each post. I buy all my stuff unless otherwise stated.

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