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Summer Must-Have: Pixi Multibalms to Last the Heat!

Summer Must-Have: Pixi Multibalms to Last the Heat!

I love using balm products in the heat. I find they melt gracefully and beautifully, and that they last longer than powder. With summer coming up, I'm so glad to see Pixi by Petra Pixi Multibalms (PHP 695 / 5.5g)* out in

pixi multibalm in watermelon veil, baby petal, wild rose, soft strawberry
Pixi Multibalms in Watermelon Veil, Baby Petal, Wild Rose and Soft Strawberry

Pixi Multibalms in Watermelon Veil, Baby Petal, Wild Rose and Soft Strawberry

It comes in 5 shades; 4 summer-ready flushes in Watermelon Veil, Baby Petal, Wild Rose and Soft Strawberry. The last shade is a brown Sheer Sculpt, which seems to be a contour stick.


These lip and cheek balms are infused with aloe to soothe and heal, shea butter to nourish the skin, and rosehip seed oil to moisturize. Hard to say if these long-term promises actually deliver, but I found they work great with my dry skin. I'm prone to bumps, patches and cracking on the cheeks and these did not dry out! On the lips though, they did feel a little tight after a handful of hours.


In terms of application, the balms are super duper easy to blend. i just swipe them where I want, erase the edges by fluttering my fingers across the harsh lines, and sheer them out by pulling the color outwards. It's also super easy to layer where needed, it doesn't cake so the color just gets more saturated. A much easier option than watery tints!


These Multibalms are creme-to-powder, which I find is the most long-wearing type of cheek product. Indeed, perfect for the summer! Being a wet product, I feel like they just apply perfectly to my skin instead of powder which I *imagine* just falls off my face.

Of the weeklong trial, I found that they lasted on average, about 4-6 hours on my cheeks. It gets a little kick out of longevity when set with powder, though I often forewent that because I love the slight sheen it gives my cheeks. It goes with my whole dewy look!

On the lips, they're a little less long-wearing, and don't stay put through meals and drinks.

Pixi Multibalms FOTDs

While the balms may be easy to wear, figuring out the color was the hardest thing! The caps don't match the balms and the balms apply differently on both cheeks and lips. Thankfully, my NC20 skin is here to break it down for you.

Petra says: "try one shade on cheeks and lips to look pulled-together instantly!" Sounds like my kind of advice! I love using the same product on lips and cheeks, the whole face just looks more cohesive. These colors 

I wore all 4 colors with the same base (BB cushion) and eyes, so that you can appreciate the differences.

Watermelon Veil

pixi multibalm in watermelon veil

Watermelon Veil has a baby pink cap but is much hotter on-stick and as a swatch. It's a great blush on me, and as I layered it I just kept looking fresher and brighter. On my dark lips though, not my favorite. You can argue that it doesn't seem like there's anything wrong, but I just don't like wearing my lips like this. The color may seem fair-friendly only, but I think is bright enough to show up on deeper skin tones. 

Baby Petal

pixi multibalm in baby petal

Baby Petal looks like a slightly orange, medium nude. The color on this one is not as strong as the other ones, and I had to swatch it heavily to get the same saturation as the rest of the balms. On the cheeks, it looks like a nice and healthy flush. On the lips, it's a very nice, darkness-cancelling and very much alive nude! This was my favorite, but also was quite difficult to pull off, and is advisable to wear with heavy eyes or by skin tones as fair as or fairer than mine.

Wild Rose

pixi multibalm in wild rose

Wild Rose is a pinkish mauve that caught my eye early on. The product is true-to-packaging, but swatches a bit yellower on me. I found it a great blush and an even better MLBB! I think this will work great on most Pinay skin tones!!

Soft Strawberry

pixi multibalm in soft strawberry

Soft Strawberry is a really basic red. The balm stick looks darker than the packaging, but the swatch is accurate to the packaging - see, this is why I said the colors are a little confusing! Soft Strawberry is not soft at all, and so great for drunk blush especially since it's already a little dewy! It's a very vibrant berry-red on the lips and kind of reminds me a little bit of Korean velvet tints. I think this can work for most skin tones.

pixi multibalm in watermelon veil, baby petal, wild rose, soft strawberry

Those are my four FOTDs with Pixi Multibalms! I've been loving these balms for BB cream-dewy looks, especially since they're very much alive (read: not flat) and dewy as cheek colors. They are a joy to retouch with as the balmy product refreshes my skin midday. I also love the convenience of a crayon applicator. I confess, I'm more into them as cheek colors, and the lip-use feels like a bonus afterthought. The colors, removed from their confusing packaging, are actually no-brainers to wear! Which one's your favorite?

PIxi by Petra is available at


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