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Reviewing 4 of my Waterful Skincare Warriors

Reviewing 4 of my Waterful Skincare Warriors

Last July 5, I was invited to the Waterful Skincare event, featuring a roster of skincare hydrators that work from the inside out. I'm not a big fan of writing about what happened during the event, because, let's be real - nobody cares about my life (somebody please care about my life HUHUHUHUHU T_T) and we're all just here for the makeup. So I thought I'd try the products out for some time before writing about them!

sip purified water

We start with SIP Purified Water, and why not?! SIP is “filtered by nature,” as it is sourced from an aquifer thousands of feet deep under Mount Makiling – keeping the water pure, fresh, and naturally filtered by the volcanic material that sits over it. SIP then takes this water to their own treatment plant to ensure that all pollutants, organic and inorganic, are taken care of. I don’t really ask much from my bottled water, but I’m glad this one has no weird sweet nor metallic taste. The bottle design is pretty sleek, and the cheaper price point (P 9 / 350ml, P 11 / 500ml, P 20 / 1L) is pretty enticing to me.

creer cleansing spa water, creer cleansing water water in oil

I’d been dying to try the Creer Cleansing Waters (PHP 545 / 30ml) for soooo long. The blue variant is the Spa Water meant for light makeup, while the orange variant is a Water Oil In formulation meant for heavier makeup such as liquid foundation, or waterproof makeup. Both are alcohol and paraben-free.

The all-clear packaging has unfairly captured my attention, and I stupidly smile whenever I spot it in my skincare basket. The Creer Cleansing Water (blue) is not super irritating when left unwashed, but it’s also not that powerful of a makeup remover. I think you need to choose when to use it. For example, I would use it on days I wear “spot-foundation” or powder foundation, but on heavier makeup days I’d go straight to my cleansing balms. Of all the micelle waters I’ve tried, I’d say this is somewhere in the middle. Cleansing power is average and irritation potential is average. Which now makes me curious if the orange variant is a better fit for me!

cure natural aqua gel, cure water treatment skin caream

I have written before about Cure Natural Aqua Gel (PHP 1500 / 250g). It’s one of those products where the hype don’t die – yes it’s still friggin amazing! I love using Cure when my facial flakes act up, or about once a week. Gommage exfoliation is amazing because it’s not abrasive like physical exfoliation (i.e. scrubs with microbeads!) Every time I use it, my skin just absorbs skincare better and it’s pretty economical as well - I’m still on my original bottle from last year’s review!

cure water treatment skin cream before
cure water treatment skin cream after

Another new product I got to try is the Cure Water Treatment Skin Cream (PHP 1500 / 100g). This is another cute ~invention~ that is just killing me (Beautybox corp, just take me as I am T_T). This moisturizing gel dispenses normally, but breaks down into water beads once massaged onto your skin. About 1.5 pea-sized amount is enough for my whole face! When everything’s fine and dry, my skin feels supple and smoother, with a bit of a siliconey, smoothening effect. THEREFORE, I love using it pre-makeup as my skincare-and-primer-in-one. THAT SAID, I find it confusing to layer with the rest of my skincare probably due to the silicone component. I really need to strategize use of this product, and I feel it is just much more straightforward and easy to use for people with oily skin, especially if they have some pore or texture problems.

As a well-documented, severely dry and dehydrated person, I’ve known ages ago that a ‘waterful skincare’ is the way for me. These new products alone do not address all of my skin concerns, but they are such useful components for anyone taking their skincare seriously!

sip purified water, cure natural aqua gel, creer cleansing water, cure water treatment skin cream

SIP Purified water is available in SM Hypermart, 7-11, Vikings, Four Seasons, NIU, Fishermall, Hi-Top, Landmark, Family Mart,  Nord's Breadhub,  Super 8, Unitop, Waltermart, Lawson's, Circle K, Alfamart, Addy's Market, Budget Mart, Southstar Drug.

Beautybox Corp products (such as Cure and Creer) are available in Beauty Bar stores. 

I was invited to an event to learn more about these products. I was not otherwise paid nor compensated to present this feature.

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